About Real Estate: Census survey shows why grown children go back home

Q. During the past three months, three of my closest friends each have had at least one of their grown children move back into their home with them. I have read that this is a trend across America, but are there any legitimate statistics to back this up? A. Yes. In the largest and most … Read More »

House to House: Make sure ceiling fans rotate correctly to help keep home cooler in summer, warmer in winter

This week’s column was written by S. Patterson, director of communications for the Arkansas Realtors Association. It’s summertime in Arkansas, and although it’s not the hottest summer on record, we are definitely feeling the heat. Swimming pools, lakes and water parks are the popular places to be right now. Those of us who are not … Read More »

House to Home: Updated lanterns offer iconic style for home decor

Q. We are looking for a light fixture for our great room that will hang over the sitting area. We would also like a chandelier over the dining table. Should the fixtures match since the living/dining area is all one space? Our style is mixed, mostly modern with a bit of country thrown in. What … Read More »

About Real Estate: ‘Re-scoring’ credit could help buyers get home mortgage

Most homebuyers don’t know that many banks offer a service that can quickly improve their credit score. It may save them thousands over the life of a loan, or even make the difference between getting a mortgage and being declined. Q. We signed a contract to purchase a home. However, when we applied for a … Read More »

House to Home: Concrete panels offer decorative solutions inside and out

When considering how to decorate a wall, the solutions we think of first are generally paint or wallpaper. With today’s creative products and digital imaging, wall murals and custom wallpapers are trendy alternatives that are easy to access and install. But there are more solutions for creative decor. Ceramic wall tiles aren’t just for kitchens … Read More »

Sensible Home: Portable air conditioners offer economical comfort

Q. We have central air conditioning, but it seems wasteful to cool the entire house when just the two of us are home. Is using a portable air conditioner in various rooms more efficient overall? A. Natural ventilation is the most efficient method of cooling. In many climates, though, such as hot, dry areas or … Read More »

House to House: These tips could help sell your home this summer

Selling your home can be no easy feat, especially during the hot summer months. However, there are a number of reasons that this summer could be the best time to put your house on the market. According to the National Association of Realtors, 50 percent of homes are sold during the summer months. “In summer, … Read More »

House to House: Safety tips can help homeowners prevent house fires

This week’s column was written by Miki Bass, CEO of the Arkansas Realtors Association. Surviving a house fire wasn’t on my bucket list, but in 2003, it became my reality. You’d never imagine that a fun evening spent barbecuing on your deck would result in the nightmare of a house fire at 1 a.m. Our … Read More »

House to Home: Kitchen backsplash provides canvas for artistic expression

Q. We are redecorating our kitchen on a small budget and want it to look artsy. We love color and know from reading your columns that you will have a good idea or two. Thanks for your help. A. The backsplash spaces in your kitchen present the perfect spots to add color and your own … Read More »

About Real Estate: Deeds without warranties can be risky proposition for buyers

Q. What is a “deed without warranty”? A. A deed without warranty is a document that a seller or other grantor issues to a buyer or other recipient that does not guarantee that the grantor has the right to transfer the underlying property. Obviously, buying a home from a seller who insists on using a … Read More »