House to House: Arkansas Realtors travel to D.C. to support homeownership

People generally think of Realtors as the local real estate professionals who put their expertise to work helping clients buy and sell homes. But the core of what Realtors do is serve their communities, helping people achieve the dream of homeownership and supporting the institutions that make Arkansas a great place to live. That mission … Read More »

About Real Estate: Quitclaim transfers ownership of interest, not mortgage responsibility

Signing a quitclaim deed will not clear you of the responsibility of making remaining mortgage payments, nor will it stop a lender from foreclosing on the property. Q. If I sign a quitclaim deed that gives someone else my interest in my home, would I still be liable for making monthly mortgage payments? A. Yes, … Read More »

House to Home: Room screens offer decorative appeal, add privacy

Screens are so multipurpose that there is always a place for one in your home. You can hide a section of the room that you are not using, camouflage a not-so-attractive corner or create a private nook that’s just for you. As practical as they are, screens also provide a perfect canvas for decorating. You’ll … Read More »

About Real Estate: Loan preapproval more important in tight market

Savvy buyers in today’s tightening housing market get “preapproved” for a loan, rather than just “prequalified.” Q. We are looking for our first home to buy. Our question is, is there a difference between getting prequalified for a mortgage and getting preapproved for one? A. Yes. Obtaining a formal loan preapproval takes some time, but … Read More »

House to House: Hearts and Homes of Arkansas — neighbors helping neighbors

This week’s column was written by Miki Bass, CEO of the Arkansas Realtors Association. When disaster strikes, we can all help. Hearts and Homes of Arkansas Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that was established in 2009 by the Arkansas Realtors Association to assist citizens across Arkansas who have lost their homes — or the … Read More »

Sensible Home: Cordless mower offers eco-friendly lawn-care option

Q. I am tired of the maintenance for my old gas-powered lawn mower. I might buy a rechargeable cordless mulching one. Are these mowers powerful enough for a normal yard, and what features are best? A. I have used cordless lawn mowers for many years, and I would never switch back to a gasoline mower … Read More »

House to Home: Home exterior shines with properly chosen paint hues

Q. This is the year we paint our house. It’s a big job, and we are calling in a professional. But we want to do our research first. Our house is 10 years old. It has white siding, shutters and a set-back garage. What’s the best paint to use? Does the paint sheen matter? Any … Read More »

House to Home: Large-scale wall murals bring imagination to life

A significant part of the enjoyment we get from decorating our homes is the perceived vision of how the rooms are going to look and feel when we have completed the adventure. We imagine that a living room that is bland and boring and has an awkward corner bulkhead will become a welcoming oasis, and … Read More »

About Real Estate: Homeowners’ property-tax deductions could soon be on the chopping block

A tax-reform “outline” that President Donald Trump recently presented to Congress suggests that write-offs for real estate property taxes might be eliminated. Q. Is it true that President Trump wants to eliminate deductions for state and local taxes? That would be terrible for me and my neighbors because our annual real estate property taxes are … Read More »

House to House: Using mismatched fixtures allows flexibility, individuality

Mismatching is cool now? Thank goodness! I was the gal who celebrated when it was finally not taboo to wear white after Labor Day and you didn’t always (or ever) have to match your purse with your shoes. No more matchy-matchy! Matching is not my thing. It requires work and consistency, and you can’t just … Read More »