House to House: A guide to understanding Realtor lingo

This week’s column was written by Emily Morgan, director of public relations for the Arkansas Realtors Association. Have you ever noticed letters behind a Realtor’s name on his or her business card or listing signs (i.e. John Smith, ABR, CRS, GRI), or noticed a Realtor wearing pins with these letters on them? If so, have … Read More »

House to Home: Innovative fireplace options cast magic glow

Q. We’ve moved into an old house that needs lots of TLC. There is an existing fireplace in the living room, but the flue is damaged, and the chimney requires extensive (and costly) repairs. We would like to install a fireplace in our den, which is where we spend the most time. What is a … Read More »

About Real Estate: Old scam makes comeback when utility rates soar

Con artists are bilking some homeowners out of their money — and even their personal identities — by offering a bogus plan that promises federal help to pay the victims’ utility bills. Q. I received a call last week from a woman who said she works for the gas company. She said the federal government … Read More »

About Real Estate: Super Bowl party triggers insurance ‘hangover’ for homeowner

Party-throwing owners and renters may be held financially liable if a visitor gets sick after the festivities have ended. Q. We threw a big Super Bowl party at our house last month. My brother brought along some strange dude that he knows from his job. Now that weirdo has sent us a bill for nearly … Read More »

House to Home: Express yourself with handcrafted mosaic-tile decor

Outdoor-living season is right around the corner, and now is a perfect time to start assembling some new or reconditioned furniture pieces for the backyard or balcony. I have talked about the popularity of tiles and the resurgence of this classic decorating medium, with its many options in size and patterns. Not just for walls … Read More »

House to House: Tips help buyers, sellers avoid real estate cyberscams

Phishing, hacking, wire fraud — these are all ways people attempt to steal from others online. As real estate searches and transactions move online, the chances of being caught up in a cyberscam have become even greater. By now most people have heard of the Nigerian prince scams or phishing emails asking for Social Security … Read More »

Sensible Home: Today’s dishwashers offer energy-saving features

Q. I am looking for a new dishwasher. My very old one is noisy, has only two cycle settings and does not clean well. What features should I look for in a new, efficient model? A. Even the least-expensive new dishwasher will be more efficient and quieter than your old one. As with most appliances, … Read More »

House to House: Homeowners may qualify for extra income-tax breaks

There are many benefits associated with homeownership. The American dream offers financial gain and stability, and many social benefits. A real estate agent will tell you that one of the biggest benefits associated with homeownership can be found when filing your income taxes — and depending on your situation, there may be thousands of dollars … Read More »

House to Home: Favorite artwork can transform any space into ‘home’

Q. My partner and I admit to being intimidated by art — what’s supposed to be good and how to hang it. We have eclectic tastes and simply fill our walls any way that fits. Have you any tips? A. Our collections reflect our journey through life. They change and grow as we do; they … Read More »

About Real Estate: Economist predicts long-term growth in real estate

Q. We were thinking about buying our first home in 2012, but we thought prices would drop like they did in 2007. They did not, so we are still renting. When do you think the “housing bubble” will burst, like it did 10 years ago? A. I don’t think the real estate “bubble” will burst … Read More »