Sensible Home: Insulating window coverings provide added comfort, savings

Q. I would like to replace my old windows before winter, but I cannot afford more debt right now. Is installing insulating window shades or curtains a viable alternative? If so, which types are best? A. Old, inefficient windows can account for a substantial amount of heat loss from a house. A single pane of … Read More »

About Real Estate: Now may be time to call it quits on old home appliance

A typical washing machine should last about 10 years, so it usually doesn’t make sense to pay a lot of money to repair an old washing machine instead of buying a new one. Q. We bought our washing machine in 2005, but it recently quit working. We paid $70 for a repairman to come and … Read More »

House to House: Follow these strategies to make holiday hosting easier

This week’s column was written by Miki Bass, CEO of the Arkansas Realtors Association. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I love anything that revolves around food and family. The only thing I don’t love about Thanksgiving is the mess! To make my life easier, I have come up with a few tried-and-true holiday … Read More »

House to Home: Discover the luxury of today’s grasscloth wall coverings

I learn so much from beautiful hotels around the world. I am lucky to be able to travel a great deal, and I’m always inspired by the creativity in the places I stay. This spring, I celebrated my birthday at the Mandarin hotel in Bangkok ( Wherever they are situated in the world, the Mandarin … Read More »

House to House: Tips help owners settle into new home

This week’s column was written by Miki Bass, CEO of the Arkansas Realtors Association. When we moved into our home several years ago, we were tired and overwhelmed, and had no idea what we should do first. We cleaned and unpacked but then thought, “What should we tackle next?” Here are a few tips I … Read More »

House to Home: Fabric-covered headboard adds luxury to guest room

Q. My children have grown, and I am now redecorating one of their rooms for a guest bedroom. I’m looking for some ideas to make it a bit different, stylish, comfortable — maybe with some glamour, but not over the top. I like your do-it-yourself projects. Have you one for me? A. Now is your … Read More »

About Real Estate: Seller not obligated to accept full-price offer without contract

Q. We made a full-price offer for a home, but the seller rejected it and asked for $3,500 more. We refused to pay the extra money. Can we sue him because we offered to pay the price that he originally advertised, but then he asked for more? A. You could sue, but you probably wouldn’t … Read More »

House to House: Follow these basic steps to prepare your home for winter

This week’s column was written by Miki Bass, CEO of the Arkansas Realtors Association. My family woke up Saturday morning to discover that the interior of our home had dropped to a chilly 56 degrees While waiting for a call back from our home-warranty company, I decided it was time to add a few cold-weather … Read More »

House to Home: Antiquing technique gives old furniture new life

I was asked by a friend for some help fixing up her tiny country cabin. Its location was glorious, sitting by a pristine lake. However, the cabin was dreary, dark and dull. We transformed it all, including secondhand furniture from the thrift store, mostly using white paint. The kitchen wall came alive with a cheerful … Read More »

About Real Estate: Tales of mysterious ‘watcher,’ ghosts inspire chills

Halloween is near — time for another round of chilling tales. Q. Are you familiar with a property in New Jersey that’s called “The Watcher” house? If so, what’s its story? A. The six-bedroom, four-bath house in the upscale suburb of Westfield, New Jersey, has burst into newspaper headlines recently. Built in 1905, the home’s … Read More »