About Real Estate: Recalls include moldy comforters, faulty generators, more

The federal government’s consumer watchdog agency has recently ordered several recalls of defective and potentially dangerous home-related items. Q. You used to keep readers updated on home-related product recalls on a regular basis, but you haven’t done so for several months. Why not? A. Because, thankfully, there weren’t many major recalls throughout most of autumn … Read More »

Sensible Home: DIY-ers can make inexpensive, efficient storm windows

Q. I would like to install exterior storm windows on my home, but they are expensive. Will storm windows improve my windows’ efficiency very much? Is there a low-cost, simple storm-window design that I can make myself? A. Installing exterior storm windows can be a wise choice for some homes, but they are not an … Read More »

House to House: These home improvements are worth the time, investment

This week’s column was written by Paul Kazlov, a green home-remodeling enthusiast and an industry pioneer for innovation in home renovation. Kazlov writes for the Global Home Improvement blog and strives to educate people about green products such as metal roofing and solar. Follow him on Twitter @PaulKazlov. Oh, that sinking feeling of looking around … Read More »

House to Home: New book helps readers organize home on a dime

Does this scenario sound familiar? You have had a hectic day with too many items on your to-do list. You arrive home wanting nothing more than to sit and unwind. However, the general clutter in the living room, the breakfast dishes in the sink, the unmade bed and the clothes on the floor transform your … Read More »

House to House: Real estate tips: Seven reasons to work with a Realtor

This week’s column originally appeared in Realtor Magazine Online in 2015 and is reprinted with permission of the National Association of Realtors (copyright 2015, all rights reserved). Realtors aren’t just agents. They’re professional members of the National Association of Realtors and subscribe to its strict code of ethics. This is the Realtor difference for homebuyers. … Read More »

House to Home: Pretty in pink — Blushing hues ideal for home decor

Q. For years, I have steered away from fleshy beige-pink walls that were all the rage and were painted throughout the house when I was growing up. Maybe it’s because the whole house gave off a kind of “blah but cool” aura. Lately I have been drawn to pink, though. It started with a pretty … Read More »

About Real Estate: Insurers treat damage from mudflows, landslides differently

Homeowners can be covered for damage caused by a mudflow if they have a flood-insurance policy, but that’s not the case if the losses are the result of a landslide or mudslide. Q.I know that most types of damage caused by hurricanes and other “high winds” are covered by a standard homeowners insurance policy. But … Read More »

About Real Estate: Homebuyers, current owners should use caution before closing credit-card accounts

Canceling a little-used credit account may seem like a good idea, but it can hurt those who hope to get a mortgage soon. Q: We are planning to buy our first home this spring. Would we improve our credit score and qualify for a better interest rate if we cut up two or three of … Read More »

House to Home: Balance between trends, personal preference creates happy environment

There are oh so many decisions to make when embarking on a decorating project. In many cases, it’s the number of options that trip us up and confound us until we simply put off making any decision at all. There are the ubiquitous color questions. Then should we paint or paper? What’s on trend? Do … Read More »

About Real Estate: Most soon-to-be newlyweds don’t need prenup agreement

Q. I live in a house that I have owned for several years. I am about to marry a woman who earns more than I do but has never owned a home before. Will it be necessary to put my new wife’s name on the title to my home? Should I ask her to sign … Read More »